Meeting Moana

I’ve had some great character meets in Disneyland Paris in the past, but my all time favourite had to be meeting Moana in the Studios. Moana will return to her spot at the Art of Animation from July 1st and she’s not to be missed by anyone.

It was possibly the longest line we ever had for a character meet too. She’s only there twice per day (I think it was 11 am and again at 3 pm but don’t quote me on that!) – we arrived at about 10:30 am and the line was already pretty long and closed just before 11. From then on, we waited for about an hour and a half before we reached the top of the queue. Since there were two of us we split up line duty every now and then, so one of us could go take a walk or have a look in the etc.

I laughed at this for a solid 15 minutes

By the time we reached the top of the line I was literally dancing on the spot! Moana has been one of my favourite Disney films of late and I was just too excited to cope.

Our conversation with her was so lovely! She was really chatting and engaging and took so much time with each guest (which is probably why the line was so slow – she had full blown conversations with everyone). She asked us where we were from and directions on how a Wayfinder would get there, which was really cute and in character. Then she noticed the few Moana pins on my lanyard and had a look at them all, telling me to hide them in case I ever ran into Tamatoa.


After that we took our photos – there is a photopass option available for Moana, but I just had a CM take a few pictures on my phone. When we said goodbye she also talked about how we should never feed rocks to HeiHei because he was on a diet and I couldn’t stop laughing.

Belle is currently in the Art of Animation until June 31st, but Moana is back after then and she is definitely a character you should meet!

Have fun!


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