Top Park Tips

These are just a few of my favourite tips and tricks inside the parks; things I’ve been told by friends or little things I’ve discovered myself along the way!

Secret Passages

Well, they’re not really secret passages, more like little shortcuts that make getting from place to place a little quicker. The main two connect Mainstreet to Frontierland and Discoverland to Fantasyland. If you come out of Liberty Arcade bank left and there is a small covered walkway that takes you out at the Lucky Nugget. Similarly, between Star Tours and the Videopolis in Discoveryland, there is another walkway that takes you near Small world – this one isn’t always open, but is useful if you’re trying to get around the park and avoid busy areas.

Fast Passes

This is a given, get your fast passes for your favourite rides early. Rides like Peter Pan’s Flight, Big Thunder Mountain, Tower of Terror, Ratatouille etc can get very busy throughout the day, so to save you queuing longer than you should, go get your fast passes first. Each guest is allowed 1 Fast Past per person at a time. It can also help getting to your favourite must do ride as soon as it opens, although sometimes this is everyone’s plan so the wait time may be longer than stated, but never as long as peak time.

Wait Time Apps

These literally saved my life on every trip, because it meant we could check wait times for one ride at one side of the park, whilst we were elsewhere. DLP have their own app for this, but my recommendation is MagiApps which also has a graph which shows you how busy each ride has been earlier in the day. There are also wait time stations dotted throughout the parks, but as with the apps, these can change quickly once people figure out which rides have the smallest wait times. Plus, the apps save you from going back and forth to rides which may be too busy

Parade Spots

Now, this is a tricky one. Because everyone has their own favourite locations for watching the parade. I discovered my favourite spot from a CM friend who recommended it to me. Outside Pizza Bella Note there are two small turrets beside the castle, now if you stay anywhere near them, I’ve found it to be a fantastic spot for parade interactions and photographs. The parade either starts or finished just beside Small World, and it tends to be one of the more quieter areas of the route – I know many people who want to get pictures of the castle or Mainstreet in the background of their parade pictures. But I’ve always had a fantastic viewing of the parade every time I’ve stayed here.

Make the Most of Hotel Perks

If you’re staying on site, make the most of your Extra Magic Hours – this allows you to get into the park two hours before the park opens, allowing you to get some rides and character meets done before it gets too busy. If you are buying anything, you can also get these items sent to your hotel if done before 3pm (which saves you carrying them around all day).

Choose the LEFT Queue Line

This is a really weird tip I discovered, but it turned out to be so true and I basically tell everyone about this. When you’re on a ride where the queue splits into two (BTM, Pirates and a few others) KEEP LEFT! I still don’t know why, but most people’s natural response is to follow right, which makes the left queue so much shorter. I’ve been able to cut 20 minutes from Big Thunder Mountain before from doing this, and it’ll save you so much time.


That’s all I have for the moment, although I hope to make another few of these soon!

Hope these helped!


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