Halloween at DLP

September 2016 marked the first of 3 trips to Disneyland in the space of 4 months; I was studying abroad in Germany for a semester and the fact it was so much cheaper to travel was too good an opportunity to miss.

Getting to Paris by bus was fun. It was an 8-hour FlixBus that left Heidelberg at 10 pm, and arrived in Paris, Port Malliot at 6:30 am. It was then about an hour on the metro from there to the parks.

Halloween was my FAVOURITE time in the park. I just loved the cute atmosphere and spooky aesthetic of the park. Mainstreet U.S.A. is covered with these cartoon ghosts that are absolutely adorable and great for photograph opportunity. Frontierland is also decorated in like a harvest season style theme, with little spooky elements on your way to Phantom Manor.

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Everything just had such an adorable, cute vibe about it. Thunder Mountain was still closed at this point, however, which was my only let down. But everything else was just phenomenal!

Possibly my favourite moment of the weekend was meeting Jack Skellington. It was a huge surprise too because I didn’t realise he would be out for Halloween and Christmas, so I was freaking out. Has to be one of my best character interactions by far – we talked about my Jack coat, and my pins, and our Halloween plans and costume ideas. It was honestly so cool.

The stage at the side of the castle also has a Halloween Villan’s themed show, which was hilarious and phenomenal, and it also gave you a chance to meet the characters off stage after the show, which was a first for me considering you usually can’t with, say, one of the princess performances. So, we met Judge Claude Frollo from Hunchback of Notre Dame, which was magical considering my love for Hunchback.


I’d totally recommend Halloween for any trip to Disneyland Paris. The festivities start around mid-September, and last until a few days after Halloween; it’s only a few days after that when the Christmas decorations start going up! My recommendation is to visit late-September, as the closer you are to Halloween, you’re hitting that area where schools are off for the mid-term break, and the park really does increase in popularity.

Until next time!! x


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